Western Tennis & Fitness Club


Junior Championship Tennis at Western


Championship Tennis at Western Tennis & Fitness Club is designed for all ages, all player levels and all interest levels.  When thinking and talking about Champions, it's easy to say that Champions are those who win tournaments and are the very best.  While this may be true, at Western we look beyond the trophies and tournament winners.


At Western we believe Champions are those who push themselves towards becoming the very best they can be in reaching their potential.  If we can find meaning in our tennis, then we will find meaning in the ol' pastime we call life.  We are meant to become great and remarkable as we strive towards excellence in everything we do.  The beauty of this...we can choose to be Champions simply by our efforts and our positive attitudes.


Whether you are looking to play tennis for exercise, social fun, or competition, Championship Tennis at Western will create an atmosphere that will allow you to learn, develop, and enjoy the game of tennis.  Championship Tennis will challenge all players individually to do their very best --"BE A CHAMPION!" Beginner or advanced, grab your racquet and get out on the courts...it's going to be an exciting year of tennis.